Minty Smash: S13 VK56 Build Update #15

It’s a big day around these parts! Parts are going on the engine for the last time – final assembly baby!

This means we can finally install our prototype flywheel!! We worked with Spec for over a year to get this VK56-350Z conversion flywheel made. The setup features:
-billet aluminum with replaceable friction surface (no need to machine it!)
-additional thickness to compensate for the thickness of the transmission adapter plate (correct throw)
-hollowed out backside to reduce rotating mass
-Z33 clutch bolt pattern for use with any off the shelf 350Z clutch kit
-stock VK56 ring gear for use with stock VK56 starter (no 350Z starter conversion)
-adapter pilot bushing

Basically, it’s a legit aftermarket flywheel for the VK56 as if it came from the factory as a manual transmission. The only thing this prototype doesn’t have is the factory trigger wheel since we will be running a crank mounted trigger setup (as will the majority of users most likely).

It’s a real work of art and truly an impressive piece. And for the part that everyone is concerned about – the price. Pricing should be on par with other Spec aftermarket flywheels!! A ton of bang for the buck! We’ll keep you posted on details after testing.

We paired the flywheel up with a Spec Stage 3 350Z sprung 6-puck clutch setup which should hold all the jam (gobs of torque) this engine will make.

It is a very clean install! No sandwiching the stock flex plate with an aftermarket flywheel just to keep the ring gear. We have discussed adding the stock trigger wheel so if there is interest out there let us know!

We can’t thank Spec enough for dealing with all of our requests, questions, and nagging in getting this produced. During our initial inquiry phase, we got blown off/big-timed/ignored by a number of small and BIG clutch manufacturers out there, but Spec was on board and supportive from day one. Support those who support the community!

Next up was the time consuming process of wrapping the headers. The titanium heat wrap adds some nice contrast.

Oh yeah, it’s a V8…let’s do that whole process again.

One last part to make/mod/adjust was the shifter setup, through the course of the build, you’ve seen us develop a few different shifter setups. Keeping stock shifter location has always been a priority for us as there are plenty of options out there for more track oriented builds that require you to hack the trans opening and ditch the interior trim. We want the interior to look stock so here is the latest version – which has already be modified from the picture!

As you can see, we kept the stock shifter cup but shortened the bracket a BUNCH and made a relocated shifter linkage. The biggest reason for this setup was keeping the reverse lock out function; an important safety feature for a street car. Our previous heim joint shifter setup didn’t have that function but, for a track car where you’ll likely be in the lower gearing, maybe that isn’t as important (but we weren’t really keen on it). The goal for us was to have various setups to test and figure out what is best.

A picture (taken with a potato) of the interior showing the shifter location. Fits like stock.

And finally a few of the engine sitting in the bay for hopefully the last time.

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