How long it’s been, how long it’s been!!! Wow, certainly overdue for an update and it’s finally a good one. But first you ask, why did the build take a bit of a pause? Well, like most things, life has a way of changing directions and life/family priorities come before the fun stuff. Basically around the time of the last update, Greg and family relocated from Oklahoma back to Nebraska. For our long time blog readers, you’ll recall that yes we’re from Nebraska so while Oklahoma was good, a good job opportunity and the chance to be near friends and family made moving back home a win-win.

The lose in the equation was Greg was stuck with apartment life while things normalized. He and I had been on the hunt for a suitable and comparable shop to our place in Oklahoma and nothing was coming available. Shop space around the Omaha area was either 20,000 square feet or 800 square feet and $1,000 or just in a not ideal location. No doubt we were spoiled by our place in Oklahoma.

Finally, the future of Brickhouse caught a break when a house came on the market that fit what Greg and family were looking for and came equipped with detached 3 car shop space.

Square footage wise, it comes out to be the same as our Oklahoma shop just without the office hogging a corner of work space and six car parking outside instead of two. Heated, insulated, and pretty much perfect for our needs.

First up while it was bare and empty was finishing it off with some paint…just to make the walls a nice shade of one color. I’ve always found it puzzling how many garages end up staying unfinished.

Greg trying his hand at graffiti before it’s covered up.  Greg’s a talented artist believe it or not.  This might not do him justice.

So with the household goods moved and the shop’s walls painted, it was time to move the shop!  So off to Oklahoma!

“Reunited and it feels so good.”

The biggest challenge no doubt was the plasma table. Greg’s cleverness paid off.

After rigging up a bit of a track system, it was all loaded up and the shop was bare.

Good bye shop, you were good to us (sat full of our stuff for 10 months and no one messed with anything!  phew!)

That sure filled up the place…and now the least pleasant job of any move, getting things organized.

The remotely spatially aware will realize the new place doesn’t have as high of ceiling as the old so Greg had to get a bit clever in hanging some items.  First transferring over the wheel rack…

And then a home for the bumpers…

Things are starting to come together.  This is the first bay and somewhat the catch all at the moment.

Looking good!

Here’s all anyone is really interested in:

So good to see some more pictures of this thing!  And believe it or not, I’ve never seen it with it’s front bumper on.  That front red rebar is an eyesore though.  Something must be done about that.

Inspecting the wheel fitment while organizing this end of the shop.  Just a touch of camber.


The VK56 looks so gnarly in there.

Manifold doesn’t clear the hood?  Don’t care.  We’ll address that after it’s running.

And behind door number 2 is the Crap Hatch.  Greg started the tube front many moons ago in Oklahoma and it needs buttoned up.  This thing will be the home of the built KA that was originally in Steve’s S14 (Hulk Smash) and then in Minty and now the engine dolly it rolls around on.  This thing is going to be built for thrashing.

Speaking of my/Steve’s 14, there it sits in the foreground wrapped in plastic.  I’m super pumped and a bit nervous for the day this thing gets unwrapped as it’s going on about 6 years now of sitting in a barn.  But we’ll be needing a S14 to test the VK swap kit fitment on so…

So there we have it.  Life happens sometimes and with a bit of patience and good planning you can come out on top!  Super stoked Brickhouse has a new home!  Can’t wait to put the CNC plasma to work getting these VK swap mounts built!  Thanks for everyone’s patience and nudges asking for updates while things were dormant!

And a parting shot that gets me all warm and tingly inside!