VK56 S13 Build: #19 & VK56 S14 Build: #1

So to catch things up from the last post…

Greg pulled my 14 out of storage. It was wrapped in plastic and such as you saw but this was still the result of 6 years in a barn.

Looking a bit better after a hose off:

And about that time, we picked up another VK56 and CD009 for mock up.

Shortly after this, my family and I moved back to America from Japan. Day before Thanksgiving to be exact. I’m now in the shop full time. Greg and I spent a good portion of December revamping/organizing the shop. S13 and S14 under the same roof again. Now both with VK56’s in their bays.

VK56 in S14 bay. Still working on final location.

We got the GK Tech high clearance front sway bar and shifter relocation kit to help give us more oil pan clearance and a reference to locate the engine in the bay.

Night and day difference comparing clearance of stock sway bar and the GK Tech bar. In the left pic, the left bar is the stock sway bar. Right pic is GK Tech.

I made up some S13 SR coilpack covers to get familiar with the CAD software and CNC plasma cutter. So much fun to be able to create whatever you want.

Next up was oil pan flange creation/testing.

And had to get the 13 out of the shop and had a nice 32 degree day so gave it a wash. Looking awesome.

Awesome transformation this car has gone through over the past almost 7 years. It was originally supposed to be a simple street car with S13 SR. Haha.

Lots more going on but progress is happening faster than ever. Have some other exciting projects and announcements coming soon as well. 2017 is off to a great start!