Brickhouse Ep. 3 – Engine Bay Prep

Episode 3 is out! I feel like I used to sit down and write and write on the blog. It’s just what you did, it was the thing to do. It was really the only thing to do. Now producing a video series versus writing a blog, I can’t tell you which takes more time. They’re both enjoyable in their own way. And they’re both time consuming in different ways. YouTube is the way things are going over blogs so it’s great to engage on a new platform. And it’s really great to be able to show more detail and different angles versus one or two paragraphs and a couple photos in a blog post. Just a slight ramble as I sat down to post this.

But anyway, in this installment, we tackle the S14’s gross engine bay and get it up to proper motorsports spec! Fear not! VK56 advancements and developments are happening all the time in the background. Working with different partners and bring new products to market. Most of it is just under wraps until it’s a real thing, so, even though it’s not featured in the videos, progress is always being made.