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  • Brickhouse/Greg: Because…Racecar.

    I picked this shirt up on my Japan trip last year. This is the first time it has fit my son. It is a R35 Nissan GT-R or as he puts it: Racecar.

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  • Timeout: Herbie on ‘roids.

    I spotted this muscle-car/mafia spec Volkwagen in Prague on my Euro adventure the summer of 2010. I’ve never been one for bugs but this one was pretty rugged – chopped top, flushed out wheels with a bit of meat, limo tint, etc.

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  • Martin Matsuri Exp. – pt. 4 – final

    After clearing out of Peter’s in the morning, we hop the subway across town to our next hostel/hotel, Sakura Hotel. We check in to what we think will be a 2 person room but end up with a 5 person room to ourselves! We drop our gear and head off to the largest temple in […]

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  • Martin Matsuri Exp. – pt. 3

    Note to Reader: I changed format a bit and placed pictures at the bottom since there were so many to share. Saturday morning, I rise at 5 am and walk outside the drivers shack to find car after car after car lined down the street and packing the parking lot. 12 hours before the parking […]

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  • Timeout: Rally through the wire

    While checking ferry times in Tallinn, Estonia, last summer, I caught this rally spec’d Ford Fiesta (Festiva?) getting ready to be loaded for the short trip to Helsinki, Finland. I let my buddies go inquire about times and I snapped some pics and observed.

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  • Timeout: LHD R32 Skyline in the Flesh

    I’ll skip to the punchline – yes, this is a left hand drive R32 Skyline. The American tuner’s automotive dream. A mystical machine of internet lore. A fabled beast rarely caught on camera. I can confirm it is, in fact, real.

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  • Brickhouse Abroad

    As some are aware, I am on an extended trip backpacking the world. I am sitting in Prague as I write this and have finally had an oppotunity to upload some pics to the site. Obviously, I am taking in all the sights and sounds, but I am still a car guy and certain cars […]

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