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  • S13 240sx rust repair How To: S13 240SX Frame Rail Rust Repair

    Unfortunately, the above is a common site for S13 owners whose cars have lived through years of harsh winters and salty road conditions.  This is the one of the worst we’ve seen, but, after a bit of work, we were happy to keep another S13 on the road for a few more years by fixing […]

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  • Brickhouse Ep.7 – VK56 S14 gets Paint!

    We ended up getting deeper into the DIY garage paint job and talking about our tips and tricks. After all, we’ve done our fair share and they turn out quite well given some basic considerations. And the VK56 roll cage and interior gets painted!! Please subscribe to the Brickhouse Products YouTube Channel!!

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  • Brickhouse Ep.6 – Corbeau FX1 Pro for the S14!

    I’m not sure how I missed uploading this to the blog but here’s episode 6 of the VK56 S14 build! Please subscribe to the Brickhouse Products YouTube Channel –>

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  • Brickhouse Update & Season 2 Launch!

    A quick update of what’s going on and what’s to come as we start “Season 2” of Brickhouse TV! Subscribe to our YouTube channel stay up to date (channel name: Brickhouse Products)! S15 LHD DASH PRE-ORDER HERE: PRE-ORDER: S15 LHD Dash VK56 ECU FOR SALE LISTING HERE:

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  • Brickhouse VK56 S14 at Import Alliance KC VK56 S14 Build: Blog Update #3

    So picking up where we left off, the chassis work and suspension was pretty much finished so it was on to focusing on the VK56 swap components and pushing development further. And let me tell you, now that we had a solid base vehicle to test it all in, it really helped us focus on […]

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  • Vk56 test fit in S14 240sx VK56 S14 Build: Blog Update #2

    Thought I would do it a bit old school today and a get the build updated on the blog!  For those that follow the build on our YouTube channel, it overlaps somewhat but also gets things current while we catch up editing video.  So let’s time warp back a few months and bring things current… […]

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  • Brickhouse Episode 5 Cover Brickhouse Ep. 5 – ROLL CAGE!

    Big milestone in the build – roll cage is done! In this video we take a look at it coming together. Still lots more work to do but, oh boy, it feels sooooo good to have the cage wrapped up! And somehow or another, I botched the export settings (or something) so it’s not full […]

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  • Brickhouse Episode 4 Cover Brickhouse Ep. 4 – Interior Chassis Prep

    Chassis prep continues…and while it has a feeling of dragging on, it’s really important to think of and do everything you want done to the chassis BEFORE spraying paint. So that’s really where a lot of the effort and time has gone. It’s more than just putting a roll cage in it, it’s thinking through […]

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  • VK56 S13 Build: Update 18

    How long it’s been, how long it’s been!!! Wow, certainly overdue for an update and it’s finally a good one. But first you ask, why did the build take a bit of a pause? Well, like most things, life has a way of changing directions and life/family priorities come before the fun stuff. Basically around […]

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