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  • Greg: Two for the Price of: n-n-none…

    I like this action shot.  I am also not dumb (though the image suggest otherwise) and do realize I am a prime example of what not to do.  My glove (yes, one glove) is see-through and beyond wasted.  My hood is on the ground behind me.  I am in shorts.  My baldness is showing.  I […]

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  • Build: F350 for Pops

    Greg has been doing some random paint work on our Dad’s F350. It has seen a lot of miles towing (a lot of our projects – thanks, Dad!) and has taken some wear. First up was the rear bumper which had some rust and flaking chrome. Dad was talking about murdering out his truck and […]

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  • Build: TDS14, You Got Cute Dimples

    Not fifty pieces of flare but flare none-the-less.

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  • Build: Track Duty Is Rock Solid…hahaha.

    For those of you following the Track Duty build, my title will make sense; however, the rest of you may think me a perv. Haha After figuring out where I left off, it is time to start again. When I last left you, I had the basic cage structure made and had the main hoop […]

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  • Build: Givin’ a 17 Year ol’ Chassis Some Viagra

    Last week was a good week and lots of progress made. I never wrote much since I was focused more on building than writing, but really there wasn’t much to say anyway. I had everything laid out in my head on how I was going to do it…having three weeks to ponder helps…so really it […]

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  • Build: Hump Smashing Rebar without the Rust

    The title is my lame attempt at a smash-up describing yesterdays fair.

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  • Build: Fueling the Fire

    Trunk floor removed and trimmed New trunk floor with fuel cell opening cut Frame was made in car then removed for full welding. Frame from bottom A lil' detail work Frame tacked in position. Off center just enough for exhaust to clear and weight distribution. Plate it, skate it, donate it! Looking up her skirt. [...] Continue Reading
  • Build: Blippity Blah, A random 2 weeks of doings

    Well here it is almost two weeks since my last up date of the Track Duty S14. I do apologize, as I really do try to keep it to once a week for two reasons: one to entertain you fine folks, and two to show Trey how progress is going. Last week around update time […]

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  • Build: Welding Up My Loose Ends

    This past week was rather productive with the finish welding of numerous things and heading towards engine bay prep work: stitched the front inner wheel wells, bent over the front and rear wheel well tire death lips and welded them to the chassis, finished welding the tubs, plated over numerous large holes, ground all welds […]

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