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  • S13 240sx rust repair How To: S13 240SX Frame Rail Rust Repair

    Unfortunately, the above is a common site for S13 owners whose cars have lived through years of harsh winters and salty road conditions.  This is the one of the worst we’ve seen, but, after a bit of work, we were happy to keep another S13 on the road for a few more years by fixing […]

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  • Cave-man Hydro E-brake

    This is my cave man tool hydro e-brake. I literally used a rock to meld this piece of auto glory. Full write up with total costs involved to come.

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  • How To: MINTY, FLAME ON!

    I noticed a while back that upon deceleration I was getting a nice back fire. So I got to thinking could I do more with it? Could I get a fireball every time? Finally, how could I accomplish this? The answer: flamethrower.

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  • How To: DIY Alignment in Action (Part 2)

    I just found this post listed as a draft and not posted to the blog. Part 1 has been up for over a year but somehow this never got posted. It was originally written in March 2011. I’ll likely end up messing with the Silvi’s alignment as well as I make suspension changes so this […]

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  • Minty Smash: Pivot, Pivat, Pivaht, Pivahhhhhhhhhht

    Pre Pivot and lacking flare For those of you who remember Friends, you're welcome for the reminder of the Ross couch episode. For those of you who don't, so sorry. This has been a project I have been wanting to do for some time now but I have been putting it off...duhhhh. I've owned the [...] Continue Reading
  • How To: Say Car Part Names in Japanese – Beta V.2

    Since my last post on the topic, I’ve been working on drafting up quite an epic list of car part words, names, and brands in Japanese. While I’m sure they will be some more tweaks made, I wanted to post up the “beta” version of the list to get some feedback for additions. Leave a […]

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  • How To: Say Car Part Names in Japanese

    The list below is a breakdown of car part terms and names in Japanese. First, a note about the language barrier…or lack there of…well kind of. Lucky for native English speakers, the Japanese names for most car parts are adapted “English” names. You’ll notice katakana is used – katakana is used when writing a foreign […]

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  • How To: DIY Alignment in Theory (Part 1)

    Nobody needs an explanation of why having a proper alignment is important, so I’ll try to keep the focus on my plans for doing my own alignment.

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  • How to: Throttle Body Rebuild / Assembly / Disassembly

    For anyone at a loss on how to disassemble their throttle body, I put together a “how to” when took mine apart. This was for a stock S14 DOHC KA throttle body, but the steps should more or less apply to any throttle body of similar design – Q45, Z32, SR, SOHC KA, RB, etc. […]

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