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  • SOLD: Desmond Regamaster (4) 17×10+20

    I just updated the For Sale page at the top with a set of four 17×10+20 Regamaster’s. Be the envy of all your friends and get your hands on a set of super rare wheels (I’m going to kick myself for this later. Haha.)! Check out the For Sale page for more details or send […]

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  • Event: RX-8 Spirits Forever

    While at Suzuka Circuit, actually prior to parking, I noticed a lot of RX-8s pulling in to a small access gate. Not knowing where we were going, but knowing I wanted to see the cars, we tried to follow, got denied entrance, and told it was a special entrance for a car meet. Our rental […]

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  • Tour: Suzuka Circuit.

    While in mainland, we were really close to Suzuka Circuit so, with a day of not much planned, we went over to check it out. In my mind, I was thinking grandstands, big parking lot, and a race track. In reality, Suzuka Circuit is more of an amusement park than just a racetrack. Beyond the […]

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  • Brickhouse/Greg: Because…Racecar.

    I picked this shirt up on my Japan trip last year. This is the first time it has fit my son. It is a R35 Nissan GT-R or as he puts it: Racecar.

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  • Silvia: Papercraft

    To have the imagination of a kid again! One of my 5th graders loves cars and in particular loves Silvias. Imagine his excitement when he found out I had a Silvia. While S15’s are his favorite, he was still pretty excited when I brought my S13 for him to check out. These wonderful papercraft creations […]

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  • Timeout: Any NSX fans out there?

    If so, they probably wouldn’t take a picture like this when they passed a small NSX tuner/dealership. Haha. I’m still working on uploading trip pics from my vacation. Better stuff coming.

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  • Timeout: Hiace Lifestyle

    I just got back from quick vacation in the Kansai area of Japan making stops in Kyoto, Osaka, and Suzuka. I snapped some randomness that I’ll be putting up on the blog, but I wanted to start with the one thing that I immediately noticed – the presence of modified Toyota Hiace vans. They were […]

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  • Timeout: Identity Crisis

    These pictures were taken at a scrapyard in Japan; therefore, the above image is very much the way things should be. The below image on the other hand leaves you with a sense of bewilderment.

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  • Martin Matsuri Exp. – pt. 4 – final

    After clearing out of Peter’s in the morning, we hop the subway across town to our next hostel/hotel, Sakura Hotel. We check in to what we think will be a 2 person room but end up with a 5 person room to ourselves! We drop our gear and head off to the largest temple in […]

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