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  • How To: DIY Alignment in Action (Part 2)

    I just found this post listed as a draft and not posted to the blog. Part 1 has been up for over a year but somehow this never got posted. It was originally written in March 2011. I’ll likely end up messing with the Silvi’s alignment as well as I make suspension changes so this […]

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  • Magilla Gorilla: Waawaaaaaawaaaaa…bam.

    I spent Sunday afternoon at the track. I’ve been trying to drive as much as possible, which is why I bought the car, repaired parts, and built it up a bit. It is to learn and have fun. So Sunday found me at Nago Circuit – the other “track” in Okinawa – doing just that […]

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  • Magilla Gorilla: More parts

    What you see above: Rasty outlet pipe, Cat-delete, Cusco front and rear sway bars, and Yanack rear camber arms. The front sway bar has been installed and the rear has been sold – plan executed to perfection! (If you recall, I installed a Cusco rear bar many moons ago.)

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  • Magilla Gorilla: More track time

    I hit the track again yesterday and was surprised to find I was sharing the track with only one other car. A private track day without the costs! A lot of track time with cool down time being the only thing causing me to take breaks. The car felt wonderful with the new Cusco front […]

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  • Magilla Gorilla: Full Body Workout

    Because a video is worth a thousand pics: I spent the better part of the day swapping my diffs – pumpkin for pumpkin. That is a BIG one man job! The JZX pumpkin makes the Nissan R200 housing seem like a tennis ball. Having now swapped both types solo…this was a BEAST! To jump to […]

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  • Magilla Gorilla: Blah Blah Blah

    I gave the car a wash the other day, then snapped some pics with the new wheels on. They’ve been waiting patiently in my kitchen for the past few months. I finally decided to buy a matching set of lugnuts and put them on. The car still has a long way to go before it […]

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  • How To: DIY Alignment in Theory (Part 1)

    Nobody needs an explanation of why having a proper alignment is important, so I’ll try to keep the focus on my plans for doing my own alignment.

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  • Magilla Gorilla: Downtime (Part 2)

    Here’s the much delayed Part 2. Another rundown of what I’ve been working on. All this stuff occurred prior to hitting the track last weekend, and I’d like to think it made a difference. Some performance items and some just general inspection/bling/well being of the car.

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  • Magilla Gorilla: Hits the track!

    A crappy run from early in the day. Felt great to actually drive [like a pansy].

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