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  • Brickhouse Episode 1 Cover Brickhouse on YouTube!

    We’ve taken the blogging to video (we’ll actually still be doing both really), so check out the VK56 S14 build in motion! And if you subscribe to our channel that’s appreciated more than you know! We’re not video pros, but we just wanted to share the builds and shop life in another more interactive form. […]

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  • S13 VK56 Hatch stanced in the cold VK56 S13 Build: #19 & VK56 S14 Build: #1

    So to catch things up from the last post… Greg pulled my 14 out of storage. It was wrapped in plastic and such as you saw but this was still the result of 6 years in a barn. Looking a bit better after a hose off: And about that time, we picked up another VK56 […]

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  • VK56 S13 Build: Update 18

    How long it’s been, how long it’s been!!! Wow, certainly overdue for an update and it’s finally a good one. But first you ask, why did the build take a bit of a pause? Well, like most things, life has a way of changing directions and life/family priorities come before the fun stuff. Basically around […]

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  • degreeing vk56 cams in s13 240sx Minty Smash: S13 VK56 Build Update #17

    Where did the last month go?!?! I was trying to stay on top of updating. The shop got tiddied up a bit – love that wheel poke. The clutch line got did…and re-did. It’s now an AN hose setup with banjo fittings for the master and slave cylinder. The FPR found a home, albeit not […]

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  • spec vk56 cd009 conversion flywheel Minty Smash: S13 VK56 Build Update #15

    It’s a big day around these parts! Parts are going on the engine for the last time – final assembly baby! This means we can finally install our prototype flywheel!! We worked with Spec for over a year to get this VK56-350Z conversion flywheel made. The setup features: -billet aluminum with replaceable friction surface (no […]

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  • kouki 180sx taillights and rear spoiler Minty Smash: S13 VK56 Build Update #14

    More progress! With the engine in the bay and headers mounted, next on the list was the exhaust. Greg mocked up a couple tip designs with mild steel – straight or pie cut? Once in agreement, the tip was made first. It was Greg’s first time TIG welding stainless but it turned out awesome. Stainless […]

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  • Minty Smash : VK56 S13 Build Update #12

    Normally Greg writes these posts but this time I, Steve, am at the helm because for the first time since starting this project I was able to work on it in person. My wife, Shio, and I came back to the States for four weeks starting in mid-July. Obviously seeing family was a big part […]

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  • Minty Smash: VK56 S13 Build Update #11

    Well it has been sometime since I got anything up….*muttered under breath*…4 months…*cough, cough*. There has been a large gust of wind in the VK56 swap sails. Steven and I have set a couple dates we would like to see things done: end of July should see swap completion and ready for tune; Mid-late August […]

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  • Minty Smash: VK56 S13 Build Update #10

    I am honestly about to run short of things until I start making more final pieces!! I best get to working more. I am going to visit the shifter setup this time. I know most of you are probably thinking, I have seen this before, but I am promise I went another route. Basically I […]

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