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  • Timeout/Shops: Hot Road

    Everyone knows about UpGarage and all their used parts selling glory, but there are lesser known used parts dealers out there as well. We stumbled across this Hot Road store in Suzuka. After driving buy, I realized it warranted a closer look so, after going around the block through typical, unnervingly narrow Japanese residential streets, […]

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  • Timeout: C&Y Sports Altezza

    C&Y Sports’ main office is on mainland but, to our good fortune, they opened a shop here in Okinawa a few years back. They do crazy motor swaps. It’s their thing. It’s what they are known for. It’s what got them noticed.

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  • Shop Visit: Stock Garage

    I stopped by Stock Garage to get some tires. As they were doing work, I figured I would snap some pics of what has become my favorite shop here. The owner is a super genki dude named Mitsu-san. He loves what he does and is stoked on drifting. This is where I picked up my […]

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  • Shop Visit: AMS and Touge Factory circa ’07

    As I was looking through my pics, I found some pictures from our trip to Chicago a few years ago. While we were there, we visited AMS and Touge Factory. I thought it would be fun to share. At the time, AMS was just getting into the KA with I picked up some parts, […]

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