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  • desmond regamaster 17x8+35 5x100 SOLD: Desmond Regamaster (4) 17×8+35

    Item: Desmond Regamaster Marquis Promoda Description: (4) 17×8+35; 5×100 Location: Okinawa, Japan Price: SOLD Contact: Lightweight forged Russian magic in the rare 5×100 variety. The pictures tell the story. Obviously they’ll need to be refinished and there is some rash to address. No cracks or bends! Three center caps in the standard Regamaster silver […]

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  • Silvia: Refresh Rebuild – Shaken

    It’s been a long while without any updates on the Silva so I figured it was time to get it up to speed. First up, shaken. The first round of updates/upgrades came last February when it was shaken time – the lovely vehicle inspection mandated every two years. I took it as a chance to […]

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  • Silvia/Event: Okinawa Super Drift Rd. 1 – Driver Recap!

    I made my goal for this year to progress as a driver, so when I came across the 2013 Okinawa Super Drift schedule and saw they had a beginner class, I got down to Garage Cartis and signed up. But some background first as a month before the event, Yukari Bokujo closed. This put the […]

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  • Silvia: Yukari Bokujo’s Swan Song

    A few things needed addressing after the last track day. Firstly, I needed to get my e-brake back. I pulled the URAS Seahorses out and put the stock ones back in. That coupled with a tightened down cable and the fresher pads had it locking up as good as ever. Next up was basic maintenance. […]

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  • Silvia: Swapping Seahorses

    After the engine swap, the e-brake never worked the same. It has zero to do with the engine swap itself and everything to do with how long the car sat while the swap was going on. Like two months or so of no use. This resulted in the rotors rusting which reduced stopping power when […]

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  • Silvia: Can’t stop messing with stuff (and track time).

    I keep picking away at little things working toward (hopefully) a better running/performing car. Here’s what I had on my to-do list before my next day at Yukari Bokujo. The last day at the track I kept blowing a rubber coupler on the OEM hotpipe setup. I was over that in about a minute so […]

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  • Silvia: Sway Bars and Seat Time

    In some of my past Yahoo Auctions parts trolling, I stumbled across a super rare set of ARC Pipe-Stabilizers (sway bars) with their adjustable endlinks. These things are big, hollow, and adjustable for stiffness. Doesn’t get much better in terms of s-chassis sway bars. Google says the stock sway bars are 24 or 25mm front […]

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  • Silvia: Tweakin’.

    I’ve been making a few small changes here and there now that the Silvia is running. I swapped the one-piece bottom mount seat rail with side-mount brackets for a two-piece seat rail in hopes of getting a lower seating position. Here’s some side-by-side comparison pics. Before on the left; after on the right. Rear bolt: […]

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  • Silvia: What’s the diff?

    A long time ago, I posted a modlist for the Silvia stating it had an unknown differential in it. Shimmed stock LSD? Aftermarket something or other? I had no way of knowing but there was a way to find out. I popped open the diff (another “it’s Christmas what’s in the box” feeling) and was […]

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