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  • Silvia: Track Day with Boost!

    The Silvia was running good on the highway and around town but it’s real test would be on the track where I could give it a proper shakedown. Friday was a national holiday (like Labor Day) so I went to the track but the car wasn’t 100% and it was raining off and on. I […]

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  • Silvia: Finishing Touches

    After a test drive proved it was running and driving well, there were a few items I needed/wanted to get done before hitting the track. First up was sorting out my Defi gauges so I could keep an eye on everything. After messing with some cheap clip-on wire splicers and having trouble (no power), I […]

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  • Silvia: Intercooler Fitting

    I had fitted up the intercooler a few times, but when I finally got around to putting on the headlight brackets, headlights, and front bumper, I realized some changes were needed. First up, I needed to lower the core to clear the headlights and headlight brackets. The next hurdle was fitting a new 90 off […]

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  • Silvia: Leak no more.

    I write this feeling victorious (and a bit like a contortionist) having successfully replaced the leaking coolant hose that was buried in the intake manifold. That let me move onto the other oddball items like mounting up the washer fluid reservoir and torquing down my spacers and front wheels. Test drive soon! And a bonus […]

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  • Silvia: I can see the finish line.

    With a few hours here and a few hours there, things are really coming together. I got the oil filter relocation mounted, hoses ran, and the cooler mounted. However, I noticed a drip from the lower fitting on the cooler at a rate of one drip every four seconds. I was using a 90 degree […]

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  • Silvia: New Gaskets

    After starting the new engine up, I was obvious the turbo gasket was blown. After ordering the gaskets from Nissan it was time to get after it. Luckily, I had ordered some braided lines previously for plans down the road, but, since I had them on hand, they went on as well to make the […]

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  • Silvia: 5 Day Scramble – Day 5.

    I don’t know how I got so behind schedule in writing this but sometimes life gets busy! Here’s the final chapter in the engine swap. DAY 5 – Sunday 8/19 We started again early in the morning with hope in our hearts. We had a tool that would break that stubborn nut on the mount. […]

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  • Silvia: 5 Day Scramble – Day 4.

    DAY 4 – Saturday 8/18 I started Day 4 with four hands. My buddy, Seth, had showed up the night before and was ready to help making good on his word. Like every other day, the first thing we had to do was setup. Get out tools, set up the canopy, get the car jacked […]

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  • Silvia: 5 Day Scramble – Day 3.

    DAY 3 – Friday 8/17 The goal for Day 3 was clear; I needed to get the new battery tray setup figured out and move the car back to the parking lot to be ready for the swap the next day. I had asked a buddy to help me with the heavy lifting swapping the […]

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