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  • Silvia: 5 Day Scramble – Day 2.

    DAY 2 – Thursday 8/16 I woke up Thursday at 7:30 with a pounding headache feeling very much like a hangover. I took some aspirin, drank some water, and laid in bed for a while hoping it would get better. I decided to get up and try and start my day around 8:30. Poured some […]

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  • Silvia: 5 Day Scramble – Day 1.

    DAY 1 – Wednesday 8/15 The mission for Day 1 was to pull the turbo SR, remove the transmission, and check out the clutch. I had put myself into a corner of not having a new clutch. I spent time trying to figure out what to buy and where to order it from, then, when […]

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  • Silvia: 5 Day Scramble – Preface.

    When I bought the Silvia, it was with the plan of swapping the engine for a turbo SR. I just wanted a clean, non-haggard base. Check. I didn’t have to wait long for a donor vehicle as a really rough 180SX came up for sale within a few weeks of buying the Silvia. It had […]

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  • Silvia: Sabidome.

    I live literally a stones throw from the sea so after typhoons and strong winds a thin film of salty residue covers everything. This is bad news for cars. The amount of rusty metal on Okinawa is mind blowing. The Silvia was in remarkably great condition when I bought it, so, not wanting it to […]

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  • Silvia: Box o’ Goodies

    I bought a bunch of random small parts and had them shipped to Greg’s house. He then bundled them all together and shipped them to me. List of fun stuff: -front braided conversion brake lines -rear braided brake lines -Walbro fuel pump -S14 front ball joints -Z32 fuel filter -Energy Suspension rack bushings -drift knob […]

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  • Silvia: Kicking myself.

    Sometimes we do things because they make sense at the time only to regret it later. I was scrolling through my images when I came across this picture from about a year ago.

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  • Silvia: Papercraft

    To have the imagination of a kid again! One of my 5th graders loves cars and in particular loves Silvias. Imagine his excitement when he found out I had a Silvia. While S15’s are his favorite, he was still pretty excited when I brought my S13 for him to check out. These wonderful papercraft creations […]

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  • Silvia: 2nd Track Outing

    The Silvia’s first time drifting went undocumented in large part due to unpreparedness on my behalf. This time around I had my wits about me and brought the GoPro and the proper attachments and filmed a couple runs. The event was being hosted by Auto Parts 7K so big thanks to them for setting it […]

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  • Silvia: OEM Nissan Recliners

    So if you’ll recall, I pulled the seats out the Silvia and put in my Bride bucket and a S14 passenger seat. That left me with two mint condition S13 seats. Not having the storage space, not wanting to get rid of them, and not having a couch left me with only one option – […]

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