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  • Silvia: Yahoo Auctions

    I’ve been spending more time on Yahoo auctions recently and picked up a few items. So let’s play, “What’s in the box?”

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  • Silvia: No more wing.

    You’ve heard of a garage paintjob, but, when you don’t have a garage, what are you to do? Balcony paintjob!

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  • Silvia: More interior work, Seats.

    I still have the Bride from the Chaser so after getting a rail, I put it in the car. First, I felt compelled to clean up the rail a bit.

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  • Silvia: Entertainment Clean-up

    How the night started. This rats nest of wires at the passenger's feet and a non-working antenna were a couple of the motivators for the clean-up. Started by popping the shifter trim and was surprised to find a hose attached to the backside. I think it's like a temp sensor or something for the DCC [...] Continue Reading
  • Silvia: Mod List

    The Silvia’s mods when I bought it. INTERIOR Nardi Classic 360mm HKB Steering Boss SUSPENSION KYB Super Special 4way Dampening Shocks [unknown brand] Down Springs POWER Fujitsubo 4-1 Header w/ Cat-delete Pipe 5Zigen Cat-back Exhaust DRIVETRAIN [unknown brand] LSD/Locked Diff WHEELS Watanabe RS8 16×7+25, 16×8+38 Haha. It’s comical how basic and untouched this thing is. […]

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  • Silvia

    The Chaser is gone. The Magilla Gorilla build is done. While it didn’t end up where my daydreams envisioned, it was the right move to change directions going forward.

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