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  • Hulk Smash: We can rebuild. We have the technology.

    Good-bye, GReddy turbo kit.  Hello, cash moneys!!!  Selling the turbo kit put me in a spot of having a good chunk of change in my pocket and not a definite plan on what to do with it.  Prior to selling the kit, I had saved up some money and bought/installed some other neat stuff.

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  • Hulk Smash: Before the Gamma rays.

    I’ll take it.  What?!!?!  Hulk Smash begins.  After looking for many months, I got…um…lucky.  I came across this 1995 Nissan 240SX SE on Auto Trader and picked it up in Manhattan, Kansas, from a nice gent in a real hurry to get rid of it.  Here are some pre-purchase pics and the way it went […]

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  • About: Steve

    So, you have read Greg’s “about”.  My path on this car business sort of mirrors his.  With him being my big brother and all, I kind of followed in his footsteps.  Going back to the “beginning” would include the same information.  He had his truck, he got a wild hair to fix it up, and […]

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  • Brickhouse in the…uh…house.

    So here it is – the Brickhouse blog. My name is Steve.  My brother is Greg. Formal introductions will follow. For now, I am just trying to figure out this software.

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