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  • SOLD: Work VS-XX (4) 18×8+38

    Item: Work VS-XX Description: (4) 18×8+38 5×114.3 (set of 4, all same size!) Condition: Good/Used; Lips have some rash. See detailed pictures Location: Okinawa Japan Price: SOLD Contact: Like it shows in the pics, the lips aren’t perfect. They’ve got some rash. They could be used as is without stressing about them, or they […]

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  • Timeout: KC IC Pipe Dreams…er…Reality

    A few weeks ago, I went to Kansas City to finally repay the gent who tuned my car by making him up some intercooler piping. My intercooler pipes keep getting shorter with smoother transitions and faster build times. All told it took a few hours and we ended up with these really nice pipes. I […]

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  • Timeout: Parking Lot VIP

    On my summer this past June, I spotted this VIP style F50 Nissan Cima in a parking lot of a shopping center in Mie-ken. Not over the top just proper classy steez. We need more of this on Q45’s in the States.

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  • Timeout: Bosozoku Style In America?!?!?

    I was cruisin’ the other day when I saw this bad mother. I was like, “No, effing way, in America?”…

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  • Timeout: Old, rusty, four door Nissans.

    I love spotting old cars. They are cool to look at and fun to think about looking cool. Make sense? This Nissan Laurel(?) is a prime example of a Japanese yard car – neglected, out of its prime, and slowly succumbing to the orange stuff. At least it’s still rocking Hayashi Streets! This old Nissan […]

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  • Timeout/Shops: Hot Road

    Everyone knows about UpGarage and all their used parts selling glory, but there are lesser known used parts dealers out there as well. We stumbled across this Hot Road store in Suzuka. After driving buy, I realized it warranted a closer look so, after going around the block through typical, unnervingly narrow Japanese residential streets, […]

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  • Timeout: Any NSX fans out there?

    If so, they probably wouldn’t take a picture like this when they passed a small NSX tuner/dealership. Haha. I’m still working on uploading trip pics from my vacation. Better stuff coming.

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  • Timeout: Just came to watch.

    Not being a production car in Japan, onevia’s are a rare sight. Even rarer when they are full kouki 180SX upfront with the OEM lip as well. This baby was good.

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  • Timeout: Hiace Lifestyle

    I just got back from quick vacation in the Kansai area of Japan making stops in Kyoto, Osaka, and Suzuka. I snapped some randomness that I’ll be putting up on the blog, but I wanted to start with the one thing that I immediately noticed – the presence of modified Toyota Hiace vans. They were […]

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