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  • Brickhouse Episode 5 Cover Brickhouse Ep. 5 – ROLL CAGE!

    Big milestone in the build – roll cage is done! In this video we take a look at it coming together. Still lots more work to do but, oh boy, it feels sooooo good to have the cage wrapped up! And somehow or another, I botched the export settings (or something) so it’s not full […]

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  • Brickhouse Episode 3 Cover Brickhouse Ep. 3 – Engine Bay Prep

    Episode 3 is out! I feel like I used to sit down and write and write on the blog. It’s just what you did, it was the thing to do. It was really the only thing to do. Now producing a video series versus writing a blog, I can’t tell you which takes more time. […]

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  • Brickhouse Episode 1 Cover Brickhouse on YouTube!

    We’ve taken the blogging to video (we’ll actually still be doing both really), so check out the VK56 S14 build in motion! And if you subscribe to our channel that’s appreciated more than you know! We’re not video pros, but we just wanted to share the builds and shop life in another more interactive form. […]

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