Brickhouse Drift Knuckles


Brickhouse Drift Knuckles are modified for increased steering angle and reduced ackerman.  Our goal when designing these was not to blindly create the shortest steering arms possible but rather increase steering angle while maintaining a more stable and less twitchy feeling at speed.  For example, while still being considerably shorter than stock, Brickhouse knuckles have about 10mm longer steering arms than 326 Power knuckles.  To get maximum benefit, pair then with Brickhouse Extended Lower Arms and Brickhouse Relocated Steering Rack.

Blue S13 pictured has Brickhouse scalloped, extended lower arms.

B&M Okinawa S14 pictured has 35mm extended lower arms, relocated steering rack, offset tension rods, and tie rod spacers.

Customer will provide parts (knuckles, lower arms, and/or front crossmember) for modification.

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