Brickhouse S13 Engine Bay Shave/Delete Kit


If you have a S14, please check out our S14 Engine Bay Shave/Delete Kit.

Greatly simplify the process of shaving your engine bay and save a heap of time and money in the process!  A time saver for shop owners too! Time = money!

This is a complete kit for shaving a S13 240SX engine bay of all large holes to allow the end user the flexibility to get as extreme as they want with their engine bay shave. Contents of included panels listed by hole function/location:

Passenger Intercooler

D/S & P/S Front Side Large Oval Wiring

Engine Harness

Heater Hose (x2)

A/C Drain

A/C Holes (x2)

Brake Line (x2)

D/S & P/S Back Corner Wiring Triangles

Washer Fluid Neck

Oval Below Battery Tray

Headlight Wiring Pass Through Holes in Core Support (x2)

Hood Cable

Throttle Cable

Brake Booster

Clutch Master Cylinder

As shown in the pictures, this is sold as a “sheet” of delete plates.  You will have to snap them apart and grind the connected portions smooth; a flap disc makes quick work of this.  Each S13 chassis is now 25+ years old its own different history of crashes and modifications, so some trimming or fitting may be required to fit your application.

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Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .2 in