Brickhouse Tire Stencil


Wanna rep BRICKHOUSE?  This tire stencil is setup for 17-18″ish diameter tires with 2″ (50mm) lettering.



All the style points.

Maximum hard park.

Become DK.

If you have a custom stencil request, please see our Custom Tire Stencil product listing.


  • A spray paint with a fan type spray pattern will allow you to apply the spray paint in lighter, more controllable applications.  A cone spray pattern will likely apply it too heavily causing running, color bleed, and/or loss of detail.
  • Shape the stencil by hand to get it to lay more closely/evenly against the tire surface to transfer as much detail and avoid as much bleeding as possible. Example of the curvature shown in the product pictures.
  • Hold the stencil firmly or tape into position until finished painting; an extra set of gloved hands might be handy to hold it in position.
  • Protect any portion of exposed tire or wheel to avoid overspray.

Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 21 × 9 × .0625 in

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