Custom Tire Stencil


Have a team to rep at events and shows?  Want to save money over one time use tire stickers?  Then a custom tire stencil might be just what you need.  Quickly brand your car and content in a stylish way.

This is an order for a custom tire stencil meaning after ordering (or before), please contact us – or FB message – so we can work with you on a design that meets your needs and works within the limits of the plasma cutting process.  Each stencil will be cut on light gauge steel which will allow you to shape it to your tire to help get good coverage (see tips below).  A bold, block style font will yield the best results for keeping detail when spray painting, so please keep that in mind when choosing a font.

This stencil is setup for 17-18″ish diameter tires with 2″ (50mm) lettering.  If you have smaller diameter wheels or larger sidewall tires and would like to update the stencil to match, please let us know when ordering.

Initial stencil is $84.99.  Each additional stencil of the same design when ordered at the same time is $34.99 (will be invoiced separately).


  • A spray paint with a fan type spray pattern will allow you to apply the spray paint in lighter, more controllable applications.  A cone spray pattern will likely apply it too heavily causing running, color bleed, and/or loss of detail.
  • Shape the stencil by hand to get it to lay more closely/evenly against the tire surface to transfer as much detail and avoid as much bleeding as possible. Example of the curvature shown in the product pictures.
  • Hold the stencil firmly or tape into position until finished painting; an extra set of gloved hands might be handy to hold it in position.
  • Protect any portion of exposed tire or wheel to avoid overspray.

Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 21 × 9 × .0625 in

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