Brickhouse S13 Frame Rail Repair Kit


Just what you need to repair your rusty, blown out S13 240SX frame rails.  This is a common area for rust to form on the S13 chassis and these repair panels are designed to make for a quick repair.  We included extra material beyond the “elbow” section of the frame rail to allow you the freedom to trim to exactly what’s needed and provide extra coverage for the really bad situations. Thicker gauge metal than stock to help reinforce the area as well. Panels are contoured/shaped and include necessary holes for a quick installation.

Example repair pictured. Trimming, grinding, welding required for proper installation.

Each kit includes six repair panels – (2) outside, (2) inside, and (2) underside of each rail (3 pieces per side of the car).

Panels come lightly coated in oil to reduce surface rust during storage.

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Additional information

Weight 141 oz
Dimensions 23 × 8 × 1 in