SPEC VK56 Conversion Flywheel


Due to increased material costs, SPEC has raised pricing on their line up.  This flywheel is now $659; prior it was $599.

This was the missing piece of the puzzle in mating the VK56DE to a CD009 (CD00#; 350Z or 370Z) 6 speed transmission!  We worked with SPEC Clutch to bring this flywheel to market and it is nothing short of top notch.  No sandwiching the stock ring gear, no expensive bespoke parts, no extra nonsense to make it work – just a straight forward, bolt-on flywheel that installs as if the VK56 came with a manual transmission from the factory!  We tried to incorporate everything that would make this the most user friendly flywheel and clutch setup in terms of maintenance, performance, and cost.

Flywheel Features:

  • Billet Aluminum – backside is machined out to reduce weight
  • Serviceable steel friction surface – no costly flywheel replacement or extra downtime for resurfacing
  • VK56 starter ring gear – uses stock VK56 starter
  • Pilot bearing spacer included for proper engagement
  • Compensates for 5/8″ transmission adapter plate thickness (Collin’s VK56 adapter plate works with this flywheel)
  • 350Z clutch bolt pattern – allows use of any off the shelf 350Z clutch setup!

***NOTE:  This flywheel does not have a crank trigger wheel.  A crank pulley mounted trigger wheel will be required.  Please consult with your engine calibrator to determine the best setup for you.***

We’re a SPEC Clutch dealer so we can set you up with a SPEC clutch as well!  Receive 10% off the clutch if ordering a clutch-flywheel combo (offer cannot be combined with other promotions)!  See the Spec 350Z clutch product for pricing (some pricing will vary based on the year of your transmission – please contact us prior to ordering).

Flywheel is made to order and can take a couple weeks to manufacture depending on production volumes.

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Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 6 in


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