• VK56: No More Hangin’ Out

    The VK is done hangin’ out, finally!

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  • VK56: My Drawr-ings

    I was pretty boned up to get a CNC mill for awhile, but before I got a mill I figured I would need to be able to draw the items I want to make in a program, and transfer them from a CAD to CAM program. Well I can successfully say I can make a […]

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  • VK56: Large Marge

    As with all VK builds space is a premium and solutions must be found. My goals are to keep the engine low in the bay, clear the brake booster, keep a/c, and keep stock shift location. Let’s see how I did. Shifter linkage still needs modified but the location should be the same and workable. […]

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  • VK56: Get “it” in.

    I have been diligent in my picture taking but as usual less diligent in my postings. As you can see the motor is home and on a stand. Steve made his visit shortly before the motor arrived and there was much discussion on how to crack the proverbial VK56 egg. First, we thought about getting [...] Continue Reading
  • We bought a VK.

    That’s right we bought a VK56DE! If you caught the teaser in the last post, here is the answer. Things are moving full steam ahead in getting the VK56 fitted in the engine bay. Parts are being bought, new items are being made, and tools (really cool ones!) are filling the garage! We’re fitting a […]

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