How long it’s been, how long it’s been!!! Wow, certainly overdue for an update and it’s finally a good one. But first you ask, why did the build take a bit of a pause? Well, like most things, life has a way of changing directions and life/family priorities come before the fun stuff. Basically around […]


Where did the last month go?!?! I was trying to stay on top of updating. The shop got tiddied up a bit – love that wheel poke. The clutch line got did…and re-did. It’s now an AN hose setup with banjo fittings for the master and slave cylinder. The FPR found a home, albeit not […]


We left off with the engine in the bay for the last time and now it’s just ticking off items to get it ready for start up. These are the small jobs that suck up time but don’t look that impressive in pictures. Either way, progress is progress! First up was the serpentine belt. We […]


It’s a big day around these parts! Parts are going on the engine for the last time – final assembly baby! This means we can finally install our prototype flywheel!! We worked with Spec for over a year to get this VK56-350Z conversion flywheel made. The setup features: -billet aluminum with replaceable friction surface (no […]


More progress! With the engine in the bay and headers mounted, next on the list was the exhaust. Greg mocked up a couple tip designs with mild steel – straight or pie cut? Once in agreement, the tip was made first. It was Greg’s first time TIG welding stainless but it turned out awesome. Stainless […]


Welllll, it’s been a good while since we’ve updated so let’s pick up where we left off and try and fill in the gaps a bit. There has been a TON of behind the scenes type stuff happening to push the VK56 swap kit closer to completion but not much to share pictures off. Things […]


There was about a week span in May 2010 where Greg and I both had running cars. I use the word running loosely, but we could drive them from A to B. We took advantage of this by doing a little photoshoot with both cars…for some reason or another, we never posted the pics here. […]


Item: Desmond Regamaster Marquis Promoda Description: (4) 17×8+35; 5×100 Location: Okinawa, Japan Price: SOLD Contact: Lightweight forged Russian magic in the rare 5×100 variety. The pictures tell the story. Obviously they’ll need to be refinished and there is some rash to address. No cracks or bends! Three center caps in the standard Regamaster silver […]


I finally made it to Tokyo Auto Salon and it lived up to what it’s said to be – a giant showcase of Japanese tuning culture with literally something for everyone. I’ll post all the pictures on the Brickhouse Facebook page so be sure to check that out. And I’ve been putting up some of […]


It’s been a long while without any updates on the Silva so I figured it was time to get it up to speed. First up, shaken. The first round of updates/upgrades came last February when it was shaken time – the lovely vehicle inspection mandated every two years. I took it as a chance to […]

I made it to Tokyo Auto Salon this year and put together a video of the event from my eyes. There was a lot to take in but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t drawn to the drift oriented builds! Check it out!


Item: Rays Volk TE37 Tokyo Time Attack Progressive Model Description: (4) 19×10.5+22; 5×114.3 Location: Okinawa, Japan Price:¬†SOLD Contact: It’s a really long name for a whole lot of awesome. These are a special edition of a special edition TE37 – the Progressive Model edition of the Tokyo Time Attack series in the TE37 lineup. […]


Item: Work Euroline SL Description: (4) 19×8.5+20 A-disk; 5×114.3 Location: Okinawa, Japan Price:¬†SOLD Contact: Here’s a great set of Work Euroline SL’s and they’re 19’s! These are perfect for someone who wants to add class and style to their daily driven, VIP style car. The square setup makes tire rotations possible and they’re not […]


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